The Greatist Rapper Ever 2Pac
Tupac's Life
Tupac Amaru Shakur Was Born June 16,1971 In New York.

From 1975-1983 Shakur's Family Shuttle's Between The Bronx And Harlem,Sometime's Living In Shelter's.

In About June 1986 Tupac's Family Moves To Baltimore.

Then In About 1988 He Moves Again With His Family To Marin City,California.

In About 1990 Tupac Joined A Rap Group Called Digital Underground As A Dancer/Rapper.

Tupac Later Go's Solo And September 12,1991 Tupac Release His First Cd 2Pacaplypse Now.

He Shortley Files A $10 Million Lawsuit Against Oakland Police For Allged Brutalty Following An Arrest For Jaywalking.

Tupac Makes His Big-Screen Debut In January 1992 In The Movie Juice.

Strictly For My Nigaz Is Released Febuary 1st 1993 It Later Go's Platinum.

Tupac Is In Another Movie Above The Rim.And Tupac's Group Comes Out With A Cd Thug Life Which Sells 2 Million Copies.

November 30th,1994 Tupac Get's Shot 5 Times And Robbed Of $40,000 Of Jewlery In The Lobby In Times Square Recording Studio,He Checks Himself Out Less Then 3 Hours Out After Having Surgey.

April 1st,1995 Tupac Comes Out With His 4th Album "Me Against The World" It Debuts No.1, This Cd Sell's 2 Million Copies.

October 1995 Death Row Records Ceo Suge Knight Posts A $1.4 Million Bond To Release Tupac,Who Then Fly's To La And Sign's With Death Row Records And Starts Recording "All Eyez On Me"

Febuary 13th 1996 Tupac Release's All Eyez On Me Which Is A Double Cd,The Cd Go's Quintple Platinum.

September 6th,1996 After Leaving The Tyson/Seldon Fight In Las Vegas In Suge Knights Car Tupac Is Shot 4 Times In The Chest By A Few Members In A White Cadillac And Is Rushed To The Hospital.

September 13th,1996 Tupac Is Annouced Dead At 4:03 Pm.

Tupac Then Release's Makaveli Cd In November 1996 And Has Sold Over 3 Million Copies.

In November 1997 Tupac's Mother Release's Her Son's Album Called "R U Still Down" And Sold 2 Million Copies And Is A Double Cd.

In November 1998 Tupac's Mother Release's Another Album From Her Son's Music,Which Was His Greatist Hit's Which Is A Double Cd And So Far Has Sold Over 2 Million Copies.
Tupac's Rivals
BadBoy Tupac Had Some Rivals In The Rap Game The Main Rivalry Was With Badboy Entertainment,Which Tupac Thinks Biggie And Puffy Had Sumthin To Do With The Shooting In November 1994.

Jay-Z He Was The Only One To Actually Diss Tupac In Public With The Song "Brooklyn's Finest" But Tupac Also Dissed Him In The Song "Bomb First"But Since Tupac Died Jay-Z Has Givin Some Props To Tupac.

LL Cool J First 2Pac Respected LL Cool J For What He Did In This Music Game,But Then LL Cool J Kind Of Dissed Tupac With The Song "I Shot Ya" I Sequal To Biggie's Song "Who Shot Ya",Then Tupac Dissed LL Cool J Back In "Little Homies" Which Is Unreleased Song.

Dr Dre Everyone Thought 2Pac And Dre Were Close Friends After The Song California Love,But The Truth Was They Werent.Tupac Was Mad At Dre Cause He Says He Wasent Doin Anything For Death Row,Tupac Was Callin Dre Gay In A Few Songs And Tupac Says Dre Had A Lover Workin For Dre While Dre Was Married With Children.

Mobb Deep Tupac Dissed Mobb Deep In Only 1 Song That I Have Heard Of And That Is Hit Em'Up,Then Mobb Deep Came Back With Drop A Gem On'Em.Mobb Deep Said In A Magazine That The Way Tupac Left NY Was Wrong And That They Will Never Buy A Tupac Album Again But They Would Buy A Snoop Album,But Since Tupac Died Mobb Deep Showed Nothin But Repect For Tupac.

Nas Tupac Says Nas Copied His Style,His Lyric's,His Beats And The Way Tupac Acted.Nas Was Also Talkin Bad About Tupac.Tupac Confronted Nas At Music Awards Ceromony And It Ended Up In Suge Knight Slapping Nas.

Tupac Dead Or Alive
There's Been Alot Of Consversy In Tupac's Death.Some People Think Tupac's Dead And Some Think He's Alive.Whrn Tupac Was Shot In Las Vegas Why Wasent There A Chase With The Cops?Why Werent The Cops Lookin For The Shooters?Why Werent There A Helicopter?There Would Of Been A Helicopter With Any Other Big Celiberty.And With Tupac Dieing In 7 Days,And Also With Tupac Changing His Name To Makaveli Which Meant A Man A Long Time Ago Who Faked His Own Death.But There Is Alot Of Things That Mean's He Could Be Dead Too,With Tupac's Autopsey Picture That Show's Him All Sliced Up In The Chest.Also With Tupac Wanting To Leave Death Row Could Of Suge Knight Who Had Connections With Alot Of Gangs Killed Tupac Cause Tupac Had Many Unreleased Songs That Suge Could Make Money Off.
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